Hi there! My name is Megan Campbell and I am the owner of Moving On Physiotherapy.

I've been practising in Terrey Hills since 2017 and have been a Physiotherapist since graduating from the University of Sydney in 2008. Prior to Physiotherapy I studied Exercise and Sports Science, and worked in Workplace Injury Management for several years. Eventually my desire to help people with their recovery drove me to further study.

Since graduating, I have worked in private practice managing all types of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, including fracture casting, post-operative rehabilitation, osteoarthritis, joint sprains, back and neck pain. I have also worked with club level Netball and AFL associations as well as Gymnastics NSW, providing strapping before and after competitions, and triaging acute injuries. 

Recent years have involved some extensive study of Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation, both gentle manual therapy techniques designed to unwind the tissue without strong pressures and forceful manoeuvres. These techniques are especially helpful with whiplash, migraines and jaw (TMJ) problems, but can help almost any condition.

I am a certified Clinical Mat Pilates Instructor through APPI, and integrate this into most of my patients' active recovery with exercise programs aimed at correcting underlying movement patterns that cause or contribute to their injuries. 

I have also undertaken further professional training in Women's Pelvic Health, which allows me to assess and treat pelvic floor issues like urinary and faecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and muscle weakness or pain. I have had the enriching experience of working with and being mentored by one of the most highly sought after Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists in Sydney. After having 2 babies of my own, I am extremely passionate about caring for mums both during pregnancy and after delivery. With everybody fussing over the new arrival, poor Mum often gets overlooked, but her body also needs care and time to recover.

My sporting background has been predominantly soccer and hockey, with never enough snowboarding. However these days you'll find me tap dancing, refereeing a kids soccer game or just chasing a very active toddler around! I also enjoy planting strawberries and watching tomatoes sprout up.....

Moving On Physiotherapy operates in the Terrey Hills Family Practice at 50 Booralie Road, Terrey Hills.